Hospital Management System

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointments
  • Ward Management
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Doctor Consultation
  • OT Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • MIS Reports

Key Benefits

  • The user of HMS has access to all the departments of the hospital so that he/she can study relative performance of each department.

  • The time taken for the routine transaction is reduced considerably as the details of a particular patient or a doctor or a test is entered only once and it is made available for subsequent use.

  • The hospital will be able to manage with the growth of data because of the powerful features of ORACLE/MS-ACCESS, which is used to build the back-end of the application.

  • The data is given immense security by providing the access on the basis of priority.

  • The flexibility of the software allows the hospital to add / modify / remove prescriptions, tests, bills, receipts etc. from hospital.

  • It has full-fledged Accounts management facility.

  • Helps in managing Patient's prescription and clinical data.

  • Appointments can be made on-line.

  • The performance of different departments, staff etc. can be viewed with the numerous reports available.

  • The product is user friendly and cost effective.

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Pharma Management System

This product helps both the wholesale and retail pharmacy outlets to run their business in an efficient manner. The aim of PMS is to ease the workload of the pharmacy staff. The user of PMS has the access to all the data that he / she needs at fingertips. The time taken for the routine transaction is reduced considerably. The pharmacy will be able to manage with the growth of data. Also, the data is given immense security by providing the access on the basis of priority. This software is made user-friendly keeping novice computer user in mind. So the learning curve is reduced considerably. The application is LAN based.


The above-mentioned objectives are achieved by the following functionalities. In order to provide the security to the data, the application is divided into Master & Transaction. The screens - under Master are accessible only by authorized staff. Apart from providing security the Master screens help the pharmacy to cope with dynamic growth of the hospital. Oracle / MS-ACCESS is used as the back-end to store the data. Reports are generated wherever required.

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Library Management System


LMS is a web-based software that helps the library staff to maintain and retrieve the resources of the library. It generates a classification code automatically. Powerful search engine lets the user search the collection using any of the parameters of the book.



Auto Lab system for Diagnostic Centres
  AUTOLAB is a package for diagnostic centers. The product has the following
features :

· Client Details
· Test details
· Sample collection
· Sample analysis
· Invoice
· Receipts
· Reports


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Embedded System-based Low-Cost Ventilator /Respirator for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics
The respirator is mainly required in ICU units to assist breathing for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. The product can also be very useful in disaster management situations.

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